Minty Foot Scrub

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  • Description

    Minty Foot Scrub, using Himalayan Salt with sweet almond oil and peppermint oil, will leave you feet fresh, smooth and silky.

    Suitable for vegans

    100% plastic free

  • How to use

    Stir well before use ( the salt may sink to the bottom of the tin) to disperse the salt through the oil.

    Apply to dry or slightly damp skin, with circular motions gently work the scrub  around and over the foot, paying particular attention to the heel and balls of the feet.

    Rinse well with warm water, for a real treat soak in a bowl  of  Minty Foot Soak to remove the scrub.

    Pat dry with a soft towel or using a hairdryer on a cool setting air blow your feet dry. – Magic!!!!

  • Ingredients

    Himalayan Salt-(fine ); Sweet Almond Oil;  Peppermint Essential oil.