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  • Reed Diffusers

    Diffuser, refill 100mls

    Aromatic reed diffusers  create an inviting ambience, offering a continuous fragrance, unlike candles which have a burn time and the added danger of flame.


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  • Himalayan Salt Diffuser ( candle holder)

    Himalayan Salt candle holders give  a lovely light to enhance any room. Ethically sourced no two hloders are the same but all have a same qualities to give a gentle comforting light while releasing the minerals into the air to aid de-ionising of the room . With the addition of a bowl above the candle light, this diffuser gives not only the benefit from the salt but also the fragrance of essential oils
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  • Ceramic Diffuser


    Our ceramic oil burner  diffusers are designed to be used with essential oil or was melts, using a tea light to supply the heat.

    They are in natural shades of green with a small leave shaped green ceramic tray for the tea light.

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  • Replacement Diffuser Reeds


    Replacement diffuser reeds,  it is best to replace your reeds when you refill your diffuser bottle. Always use new reeds if you are changing fragrance

    Suitable for Vegans.

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