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  • Nettle Oil – Back in stock

    10 mls, 100 mls

    Our nettle oil is back in stock


    Made with Sherwood Nettles, handpicked early in the morning.

    Nettle oil is NOT an essential oil, it is an oil infused with  nettle leaves. Nettles are collected early in the morning washed and dried off and then infused into Virgin Olive Oil.

    When ready the infused oil  is decanted, leaving behind the leaves and stalks of the nettles, but taking with it the nutrients from the nettles, making the oil dark in colour and rich with nutrients from the nettles.


    People have found it beneficial for localised joint pain and it has also been used as a conditioning hair oil, massaged into dry hair and over the scalp, left for an hour so and then the hair is washed thoroughly.

    Suitable for Vegans.

    The humble nettle –

    Common nettle weeds are frequently overlooked for their therapeutic values, mainly because of their nasty sting. Yet this common weed is said to relieve joint points and improve skin irritations such as acne and eczema.

    In medieval Europe Stinging nettles were used as a diuretic (to rid the body of excess water) and to treat joint pain. Stinging nettle has been used for hundreds of years to treat painful muscles, joints, eczema, arthritis, gout and anemia.

    According to Nicolas Culpeper in the seventeenth century, the seeds of the nettle were thought to be beneficial in the treatment of bites from ‘mad dogs’ or the stinging of ‘venomous creatures.’ Seeds were also used at that time as an antidote to poisonous herbs such as nightshade and henbane. In early America, medicine, bandages soaked in a leaf and stem infusion were used to stop the bleeding of wounds.

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  • Pedi Revival Pack


    SimpleyNatural Pedi Revival Pack contains a selection of our Minty Foot Products to revive weary feet, making them feel and look good, ready take you happily on through the day and into the night.

    All you need to provide for a full pamper is a bowl of warm water, a towel and some “me time”

    Minty Foot Scrub; using Himalayan Salt with sweet almond oil and peppermint oil, will leave you feet fresh, smooth and silky. Suitable for Vegans; 100% plastic free

    Foot Brush; This brush is perfect for using with our Minty Foot range to keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable.

    Minty Foot Soak;  is perfect for sore aching feet, the soak contains Epsom Salt and peppermint essential oil, which will aid painful feet relaxing the muscles and easing any  joint pains.

    Minty Foot Cream; A light moisturising cream perfect for every day use to keep your feet looking and feeling good. The peppermint essential helps keep your feet feeling fresh and fragrant. Keep cracked heels and hard skin at bay with regular daily use.

    Minty Foot Gel; Cooling and refreshing Minty Foot Gel – For instant relief for hot sore feet. The perfect       “go to” for a hot, sunny day! Hint – Keep the gel in the fridge for an extra aahhhhh!…

    Minty Foot Spritz; Perfect for using as a cooling spritz in hot weather an instant fix for hot sore feet. Or ideal for a lighter option for completeing a pedicure. This Minty Foot Spritz is a great product to take  on  holiday or days/evenings out,   pop it in your bag for an instant foot “freshen up”.









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  • Sleep Well Pack

    NEW! 🌱
    Introducing the ‘Sleep Well’ pack for those  wanting a little help to drift off for a good nights sleep!
    The “Sleep Well” pack offers you the tools prepare for a good nights sleep, and to help you drift of when sleep seems to be avoiding you.
    Our Sleep Well  Pack comes presented in a white compostable box, making it a perfect gift for someone finding it difficult to get a good nights sleep.
    • Dead Sea Salt infused with lavender essential oil – for a relaxing bath just before bed.
    • Soap bar infused with lavender essential oil – use at the last wash of the day
    • Hand and body lotion infused with lavender  essential oil – use after your last wash of the day
    • Pulse point – a roll on lavender infused oil applied to pulse points, can be used at any time to help you through those restless periods.
    • Organic Lavender Floral Water Spritz – feeling hot – Spray directly onto skin to cool down.

    No Parabéns – Vegan Friendly – Recyclable / Compostable packaging.

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  • Solid Shampoo and Shower Bar – 1 Bar does it all

    1 Bar does it all

    Solid Shampoo and Shower Bar – 1 Bar does it all  – easy to use –  sits well in the shower – perfect for gym and travelling.

    100 grams

    Vegan friendly – No parabens – No plastic – No animal testing





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  • Pure Organ Oil

    Your skin will love you

    100% Cold Pressed  Pure Argan Oil. Vegan friendly

    Organ oil is naturally rich in vitamin E, pure Argan Oil is known for youthful firming action on the skin and intense rehydrating effect which stimulates cell regeneration.

    Argan Oil  anti-aging properties, is  due to high levels of Vitamin E and saponins helping to reduce wrinkles by restoring the skin’s water lipid layer and it also cools and sooth inflammation. Its ant-oxidant properties contribute to the neutralization of free radicals, particularly useful in the polluted Western hemisphere. It helps cool skin that has been exposed to wind and the sun and also protects it in cold weather.

    Argan is not greasy, only a few drops warmed on the fingertips are needed to moisturise and protect the complexion including the delicate skin under the eyes.

    Argan oil can moisturize your hair and scalp and protect your hair from everyday damage. By reducing breakage and split ends and keeping your scalp healthy.

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  • Soap Selection Box 8

    A perfect gift for someone special to you

    Soap Bar Selection Box – make your gift personal from you, select  8 soap bars  and leave the rest us. Perfect gift for anyone who supports reducing plastic and loves handmade soap.

    Your choice of soap bars and a flannel (100% cotton)  will be in an eco friendly box, trimmed with complimenting ribbon, seasonal trim and gift tag.

    If you would like to include include a message – we can do that for you – leave your message in the “notes” box on the payment page.

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