Bath Bomb Making Kit


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    • Description

      Ever wondered how to make your own bath bombs, SimpleyNatural Bath Bomb Making Kits will unlock some of the secrets.

      Like most things practise makes perfect, our kits are intended as an introduction to making your own bath bombs, it includes all the ingredients, simple moulds and instructions to ensure your success.

      We have strived to keep  plastic to minimum it is  only used when essential, all packaging is bio-gradable or recyclable.

    • How to use

      Full instructions are enclosed with the kit, it is advised that an adult is around to supervise with children under the age 14 years.

    • Ingredients

      400 grams, Bicarbonate of Soda; 100 grams Citric Acid; 30 mls Witch-hazel; 5mls fragrance; 5ml of water soluble colour; decorations; 6 bio-gradable moulds (3 large and 3 small) instructions.