Sports Massage Oil


    • Description

      After training, exercise or standing all day this blend of Camphor, Pine and Wintergreen essential oils is designed to help muscles and joints recover. It is warming, soothing and deeply penetrates to relax muscles

      To get best results, warm the oil by placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water, this will enhance your experience and massage.

      Our massage oils can also be used as a bath oil for moisturising, fragrant bath.

      Suitable for Vegans.


    • How to use

      Pour a little oil into the palm of the masseuses/masseurs hand, gently glide the hand over the skin, adding pressure to tense muscles such as around the neck and shoulders.

      External use only.

      95 mls

    • Ingredients

      Sweet Almond Oil:CinnamomumCamphor (Camphor) Sinus Sylvester’s (Pine) Gaultheria Procumbends ( Wintergreen)

      For external use only

      95 mls