Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp

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    Stunning Himalayan Salt Fire Bowls

    These lamps are made of natural crystal salt from underground mines in the Himalayas. The crystal salt is millions of years old and has high mineral content as well as special properties. The cleansing properties of Himalayan salt lamps are said to help combat illnesses like allergies and asthma. Other sources of anions are waterfalls and the sea; these produce up to 10,000 anions per cubic metre compared to just 100 anions per cubic metre being produced in a city at rush hour time.


    Himalayan crystal salt lamps are said to create anions (negatively charged ions) in the air. Since pollution and the use of electrical equipment create potentially harmful cations (positively charged ions) in the air and cause air quality to deteriorate, using a salt lamp helps counter the cations . This natural ionisation helps avoid the physical and mental harm created by the ‘electric smog’ around us.