Ceramic Diffuser


    • Description

      Our ceramic oil burner  diffusers are designed to be used with essential oil or was melts, using a tea light to supply the heat.

      They are in natural shades of green with a small leave shaped green ceramic tray for the tea light.

    • How to use

      To use with essential oils place water in the dish area, add a few drops of your essential oil choice.

      Place a lighted tea light within the cavity to allow water to warm up and release the fragrance off the oil.

      After use wipe the bowl dry. – Never burn essential oil on its on always add to water.

      The amount of oil you use is dependant on your personal preference, start low you can always add more.

      For use with wax melts place the wax melt in the bowl area – no water is required. Place a lighted tea light in the cavity to gently melt the wax and release the fragrance. After use allow the wax to harden, you should get several  “melts” from one wax melt.