Handmade Bath Products

Handmade Bath Products Nottinghamshire

Handmade Bath Products Nottinghamshire

You’ve kicked off your shoes for the day, and you are ready to draw a long and luxurious bath. Your shoulders ache from the day you’ve had, and you need to relax and unwind.

So what is more perfect than handmade bath products to suit your needs?

Simpley Natural’s range is about as perfect you can get. Their passion and knowledge mean that they know exactly the right ingredients for the most idyllic bath experience you can have.

A bath range that includes a range of products that can be used in unison to make sure that the long day you have had is a thing of the past. And the moment you dip into the warm water, the natural ingredients will get to work and soothe you - mind, body and soul.

Selecting only the most premium ingredients, Simpley Natural then takes time and care to prepare their products.
Having such a wide range of products means that no matter the style of bath you like, we have the perfect product for you.
Handmade Bath Soaps
Our soaps are lovingly and carefully made by hand. We take great pride in using our knowledge to create handmade soaps with purpose. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also have different benefits for the user. We have giant slabs, bars and slices - something for every budget and requirements. As we only use natural ingredients, all of our soaps will leave you feeling soft, comfortable and clean.
Handmade Bath Bombs
Our handmade bath bombs are made using the finest natural ingredients, and they will all give you a different bathing experience. From zingy scents to wake you up to something to soothe you before you go to bed. Our handmade bath bombs are available in a range of sizes too, so there is something perfect for you.

That is now all Simpley Natural have. We have a selection of items to help you make the most of your bathtime. Loofahs, oils, and exfoliating soap bags. Everything we have is stocked to complement each other.
Something that Simpley Natural considers as important as the high-quality of our products is that they look beautiful too. Each of our products is finished in the same nature that they were made. With care, attention to detail and passion. The feeling that a luxury item gives enhances the overall bathing experience and can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

And this care goes directly into our gift hampers too. So that you know when you are giving our products as a gift, you will be giving something beautiful and beneficial.
Make Your Own!
Something that we are excited to be able to offer is the opportunity to make your own gorgeous handmade products. Simpley Natural has made it easy for anyone to make their own handmade bath bombs. The Make & Take experience is available when you pop into our store, and you can create a single product, or you can create a full bath kit. The choice is yours.

If you can’t make it to the store, don’t worry. We are happy to discuss exactly what you need when you give us a call. Our dedicated and knowledgable staff can help with all of your handmade bath product needs.