Handmade Bath Products

Handmade Bath Products

Handmade Bath Products
Incredible bath products, lovingly made.

Every busy person knows that bath time is the best time. There’s nothing quite like shutting yourself off from the complexities of modern life while allowing your muscles and mind to relax in the comforting warmth of the water. However, there is a way to make the experience even more enjoyable – and that’s through the use of handmade bath products.

Simpley Natural’s range of handmade products are sure to leave you smiling time and time again.

What Handmade Bath Products Are Available?

Here at Simpley Natural, we take great pride in being able to produce a range of handmade bath products using the premium natural ingredients needed to take your bath time enjoyment to the maximum level. What truly separates us from the rest is that we have a wide range of products on offer.

Our handmade bath products include, but are not limited to;

Handmade bath bombs – carefully handcrafted bath bombs use natural ingredients, offering a range of effervescent experiences. Whether you want a gentle calming fizz or a more energetic feeling, we have a solution for you. Our handmade bath bombs can be created in various sizes too, giving you complete control over the duration.

Handmade bath soaps – lovingly made by hand, the bath soaps can be created in a range of sizes from bars to giant slabs. With so many ingredients to choose from, we have smells for every personal taste. All items provide intense cleaning and comfort for a relaxing bath time like nothing you’ve ever had before.

We also create a number of other bath products by hand. Take a look around the site or give our sales team a call for more information.

Appearances To Match The Product Quality

In addition to the incredible quality of our hand made goods, we take great care in the presentation. This starts with ensuring that all soaps and bath bombs boast the right shape and colour. However, the packaging choices are also second to none.

Everything is wrapped and presented with the same level of care that we use in the production of the bath products themselves. In fact, we can even take the presentation to the next level by creating gift sets, gift bags, and hampers.

We want to improve your entire bathing experience and believe that the appearances of the goods, including packaging, play an important role. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, our handmade packages truly are all you could want from your bath products.

Come & Make Your Own Today!

As well as creating those beautiful handmade products on your behalf, Simpley Natural provides the opportunity for you to make the perfect item for yourself. Simply pop down to our shop to partake in our Make & Take experience. Whether creating a single product of building a full bath kit is entirely up to you.

Or if you can’t visit us in person, why not call our team to discuss exactly what you want in your kit. We’ll be more than happy to help. Bath times will never be the same again.