Dead Sea Bath Soaks

Dead Sea Bath Soaks

Have you been searching for something to make your bath that little bit different recently, but with no luck? Well, you don’t have to search any more because we have got the solution that you have been looking for here at Simply Natural. You will find that our range of dead sea bath soaks are exactly what you need to make your bath that little bit more special, without having to splash too much cash!

A Fragrance For Everyone

All of our dead sea bath soaks are uniquely fragranced to give you the luxurious bath that you desire. From pomegranate to lemon and sandalwood, to English rose, there is going to be a scent that suits your senses quite well. We can currently offer you nine different smells for you to choose from, and while that doesn’t seem like a lot, we are certain that you are going to find something that you like among the options that we currently have.

Even for those of you who are particularly sensitive to smell and are hard to please when it comes to this sense, we are sure that there is something for you among our dead sea bath soak range.

Health Benefits

There are also a number of health benefits to dead sea bath soaks that you might not know about. All of our products will help contribute to helping alleviate some of the common skin issues that you might be experiencing, such as acne. This happens because when the salts are in the dead sea, they are able to absorb minerals, and when you soak in these salts and minerals, you get all of the benefits that they have.

You will also find that our dead sea bath soaks have cleansing properties, which will be helpful when it comes to clearing out your skin. Dead sea salt contains Sodium Chloride, which you probably know as common table salt. This has cleansing properties, which will help to hydrate your skin cells and remove some of the toxic substances that are sitting in your skin right now. But even further than this, our dead sea bath soaks contain sulfur, which is another detoxifier but also helps to reduce the oiliness of skin, which is another benefit on its own.

A Wonderful Change

Purchasing one of our dead sea bath soaks is going to be a wonderful addition to your bath. Thanks to the health benefits that our range can offer, you are going to be receiving a product that will both relax you and provide you with clearer skin. But aside from this, these are also just a great addition to your bath because they smell incredible and feel great on your skin. You are going to be hard-pressed to find a product that is like it on the market.

If you require any more information about our dead sea bath soaks, then get in touch with us today, and a friendly member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.