Body Care Gift Sets

Body Care Gift Sets Nottinghamshire

Body Care Gift Sets Nottinghamshire

Self-care isn’t a luxury, it is an essential. And while there is more to self-care than a warm, comforting bath or some rich essential oils - it is the perfect place to start. Body care can make you feel taken care of, pampered and soften your skin too. And when we feel good, with a little extra help from the Simpley Natural Product range, you’ll have a natural glow.

At Simpley Natural, we are proud to be able to offer incredible body care gifts sets that have everything you need in order to feel great.
Luxury and Affordability
When you think about gift sets that are made with natural ingredients or the highest possible quality, you would assume that it might be expensive. However, at Simpley Natural, we have taken all the possible measures to combine high-end ingredients with affordability.

Luxury, high-quality and natural ingredients should be available to anyone on any budget.

So we have made that happen.
Body Care
All of our body care sets are made with love and care. We know that when you treat yourself to a body care gift set, or you buy something for someone else, you want to make sure it really is excellent. All of our products are made to the highest standards possible, with the best ingredients too.

When you are buying natural products, you care about the ingredients that are incorporated into your body care. Which is why we are proud to be plastic-free, and our range includes vegetarian and vegan products too.

Our product range for body care has the following:

SLS Free Shower Gel and Scrubs
Massage Oils and Gels
Pulse Points
Nettle Products
Giving the gift of self-care is a big deal. For the person choosing the gift, and the person receiving it too. Which is why we have made every effort to create something that is beautiful to give as a gift or to get.

It is often the case that people wouldn’t purchase something like natural bath bomb sets themselves, which is why we make sure that everything that is in a gift set is exceptional.

We choose the finest ingredients for all of our products and combined with our knowledge about how beneficial certain combinations of natural elements are we have created a line that is suitable for everyone.

Natural body care is free of chemical ingredients that can exacerbate skin conditions, and are known to give your skin a healthy glow instead.

So if you are looking for something that is affordable, luxurious and packed with natural ingredients. Something that benefits both the mind and body, then our stunning body care gift sets are perfect. You can order one for yourself as an essential treat, or for someone that you love. We all need some self-care from time to time, and we at Simpley Natural are delighted to be able to provide this.

If you need help or advice on the best products, then feel free to give our friendly staff a call.