Bath Products Nottinghamshire

Bath products Nottinghamshire

You’ve been on your feet all day, but now - now it is your time. It is time to sink into a warm bath. It is the time for you to let all of your muscles relax, let your mind wander and let the stress of the day wisp away with the steam.

So when it comes to your bath time, what you add to your bath should be the best quality, and as natural as possible. Which is why Simpley Natural has a divine range of natural products that are designed to help you have the best possible bath.
We believe that a bath should be a moment in the day or week that is just for you. It should be a time where you add your favourite scent or salt and soak. Letting the warm water ease tension, relax your muscles and take away any joint pain that you have. This is why Simpley Natural has a vast range of natural products that can make your average bath into something that is the highlight of anyone's day.
Bath salts
Bath salts have long been used to bathe in. Salts have many positive impacts on the body, and this is why we only use the highest quality salts.

In our product range we have a range of options:

Himalayan Salt
Epsom Salt Bath Soak
Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak

Bath salts replenish the skin, and many people use Himalayan salts for skin issues like eczema. But naturally, the salts that are in our product range will help relax your body and soothe your mind too.
Bath Bombs
There is a bath bomb for every type of bath. If you need something that will help you to relax, then you can try our delightful Chamomile and Honey, and for something zingy and refreshing Grapefruit and Bergamont will see you feel amazing with its citrusy notes.

Our bath bombs are also available in gift form, where you can choose a hamper that is brimming with bath bombs. This makes a great gift and smells amazing too.
Bath Soaps
Here at Simpley Natural, we create a range of different soaps.

Standard Soap
Soap Bars
Soap Slices
Soap Hearts
Giant Soap Slabs

Our soaps are all available in a range of scents, colours and sizes. They are designed to be used in unison with any of our other products too. So they make the perfect addition to any of our gift hampers.

So you can get that clean feel, as well as the benefits of the ingredients you have chosen. Perfect!

So if you are ready to take your bathing to a new level, then treat yourself to one of our hampers, throw in a diffuser and essential oils, and you have the perfect bath night.

Not sure what scents work well together? You can swing by our stores, or give one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call. We can support you in your quest for the perfect bath with wellbeing perks - and of course, all-natural.