Bath Products

Bath products

Bath Products
Turn bath time into your favourite part of the day with natural ingredients!

In today’s hectic life, the simple pleasure of being able to lay back and relax in a nice hot bath is a truly incredible thing. The only thing that could be any better is a relaxing bath that’s supplemented by specially designed bath products that use natural ingredients to enhance your bathing experience.

Simpley Natural has everything you need to make bath time your new favourite activity.

Why Simpley Natural?

Simpley Natural prides itself on using only the best natural ingredients in all products while our methods of creating products are highly ethical too. Crucially, our commitment and care extends to you, the consumer.

We love knowing that we’ve made a positive impact to your daily rituals, which is why we take extra care in ensuring that all products are worthy of carrying our name. From taking special care with all new products to employing intense quality control, everything we do is designed to generate the best results.

Quite simple, Simpley Natural is a name you can trust.

Bathsalts, Bathbombs, Soaps & More

One of the great things about Simpley Natural is that we create and stock such a large range of bath products. Enhancing your bathtime experiences has never been easier. Quite frankly, we have something for everyone.

Our most popular products include;


The Simpley Natural range of bathsalts includes Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak, Epsom Salt Bath Soak, and Himalayan Salt. All of those products are designed to relax the mind and body while actively replenishing the skin to help you look and feel better than ever.


Our handmade bath bombs offer a range of bath time enhancements ranging from relaxing vibes to invigorating energies. Moreover, they come in many sizes, colours, and smells. Finding a solution to maximise your bath time enjoyment should be easy.

The bathbombs can also be presented in gift sets while visitors to our shop can create their own with our Make & Take experience.

Bath soaps:

Simpley Natural produces standard soap, soap bars, soap slices, soap hearts, and giant soap slabs. All options are available in various colours, smells, and hints. Likewise, they can be used alongside other products to create truly incredible packages and gift sets.

The natural ingredients will take the relaxation to another level while making you feel extra clean in the process.

Additional bath goods:

Gift sets, accessories, and other bath time goods are available. All of them use natural ingredients and can be safely used on a daily basis. When coupled with the other essentials like a few candles, your bath experiences will be better than ever.

Still A Little Unsure?

With so many wonderful bath products to choose from, there’s certainly something for everyone. However, finding the right option for your specific needs can be a little challenging. Why not call our friendly sales team for a little support.

With our help, you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxing tones on a daily basis.