Bath Products, Edwinstowe

Bath products, Edwinstowe
Bath products, Edwinstowe

Here at Edwinstowe, we know just how much a relaxing bath can revitalise the mind, calm the soul and invigorate the body. We aim to offer our customers in Edwinstowe some of the most luxurious products available, put together using only the very best ingredients that promote a healthy mind and body as well as caring for the environment in which we live.
When you really take the time to truly care for yourself and all around you, by using sustainable and natural products, it can have a mindfully beneficial effect on us all. For that purpose, here at Edwinstowe we are not only constantly looking for new ways to benefit you in terms of new fragrances, new bath bombs, and new essential oils for you to pamper yourself with, but we are learning and adopting new ways to create and package our bath products in Edwinstowe so that the earth we live on is cared for too.
We have a huge range of bath products Edwinstowe customers and visitors can choose from either in store or online. Our bath bombs are large, making you feel like you can really enjoy the smells and colours available as it slowly melts in your hot water, fizzing and dissolving to reveal products that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean and moisturised. These indulgent bath products are the perfect pick-me-up after a long week of hard work and grafting, meeting deadlines and attending to everyone else’s needs and requirements. By allowing yourself time to chill and unwind, you will feel better able to meet new challenges with a spring in your step.
Dead sea salt is known to have 21 beneficial minerals that can boost the health of your skin, aid the detoxifying of your body and relax and support the healing of damaged, tight and sore muscles. Here in Edwinstowe, we use this powerful and highly advantageous salt to bring you a choice of fragrances and other natural oils and products to infuse your bath time with a spa treatment that will help you feel tranquil and serene, while helping you to wash away those daily aches and pains that can build up in our shoulders, neck and back or any other area of the body. This is also an ideal choice of bath products when you have been at the gym, on a long walk or hike, or any other enjoyable and beneficial physical activity that you need a wind down from. The chamomile and honey bath products available in Edwinstowe can help you to feel ready for a deep and meaningful sleep, while our snowfall bath products provide a fresh linen scent that evokes a fresh outdoor scent that builds up and reinvigorates.
Would you like to try one of our naturally sourced, beautifully lavish shampoos and conditioners? For more information on any of our bath products contact the Edwinstowe shop today.
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